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Man 53 år från Växjö

Namn: Magnus af Polotsk

Sysselsättning nu: Fartygsbefäl,Styrman,Officer,

Yrke(n): Fartygsbefäl,Styrman,Officer

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* CV / Arbetslivserfarenhet - Magnus af Polotsk


Magnus af Polotsk
Harsövägen 24
352 44 Växjö
Born: 27th of February 1969
Mobile 1, (main) +46760587441
E-mail: 1st.count.magnus@gmail.com
Reserve: m.m.m@tele2.se

Marital Status: single/widower


My experience at sea stretches over 20 years on different ship types and in different ranks, in that period I have acquired 12 years of experience as a Chief Officer and experience as Master, mainly in chemical, oil and bitumen tankers. I have sailed in every position available, this coupled with proven leadership skills in developing and motivating teams, delegating tasks. Ensuring that the ship is in top shape and ensuring that the crew raise their performance levels to the highest standard. I would describe myself as a positive team player that is able to work on own initiative as well as part of a team. I am a person who is loyal to the core of my being, and have the ability to find motivation and interest in every task that is considered part of the job. I take my career very seriously and so decided to specialise in a DP-Unlimited certification, which is close to completion.


2010 – 2013 Maersk, M/T Bro Anton, Bro Atland, Freja Maersk, Chemical tankers
Sailed at different ranks please see below
Solved different tasks in the bridge department, made one stage in the washing stages much more efficient, (now they use that for many ships).
Put a lot of energy in pre-vetting procedure and other pre-inspections. Made them much more efficient and manageable. I can say; before my period there, they
always got over 20 remarks – After my period, we got 1 low risk remark.

1998-2012 Chief Officer, Master, Nyship and Broström, M/T Framnäs, Bitumen/Oil carrier
My role as C/O involved tasks such as planning, cargo handling, crew management, and all the “deck boss” jobs including all maintenance and various other duties. As Captain my role encompassed, overall responsibility for vessel and crew and delegated jobs in a professional and positive way. The ship went from being one of the oldest ships with many faults. Whilst under my supervision, we made it the most desirable ship concerning a shipper’s, owners, and for all major stakeholders. We simply made it to the “best ship” in the fleet.

1996-1998 2nd Officer, Navigational officer, Nyship, M/T Framnäs, Oil/Bitumen carrier
I was responsible for all navigation and all navigational equipment, and also helped C/O with various tasks.

1996-1997 2nd/1st Officer, Älvtank, M/T Ramona, Oil/Chemical carrier
Responsible for all safety and navigation, then the C/O and I had a system: so, if
all the cargo duties came on my watch, I did all of them and everything a C/O would have done. The C/O had such confidence in my ability that he shared the work between myself and him, which meant that i had responsibility for duties above my rank, although officially he was of course the Chief Officer in charge.

1991-1996 Cadet, Merchant Marine, Reefer, 2 Product tankers, Passenger ship, 3 Bulk Carriers (16 months)
I did my best to show all my interest and motivation and was always at hand. I got good appraisals from the ships I was on.

1989-1990 Corporal, Royal Swedish Navy, surface attack vessels
In charge of the deck crew and reported to the X/O.

1986-1989 Technician, (Water, Heat and Sanitary Technician), NVS
I made sure that the building team followed drawings, protocols and supervised in different situations.


University level
1991-1996 Maritime University, Kalmar
Master Mariner Education program (Sjökaptenslinjen).
Graduated as the best student of my class. Received my Unlimited Master Mariner Competency, (license), year 2000.

1997-1999 Chalmers University, Göteborg
MSc in Maritime Science & Logistics (Sjöfartslinjen).
Top level shipping programme

University Level standalone courses all conducted at Uppsala University apart from last two.

1999-2000 Geodesy
2000 Seismology
2000 Geography
2008-2009 Military history, (Distance courses-Mitt University, Härnösand)
2009 Strategic IT, (Linnaeus University, Växjö)


High school and extended courses:

1985-1987 Water, Heat and Sanitary Engineering/Science,
(High School Växjö)
1988 Extended Mathematics, (High School Karlskrona)
1990-1991 Science, (High School Norrköping)


Swedish: mother tongue.
English: fluent/second tongue.
Norwegian: excellent
French: can communicate.
Danish: good.
Russian: understand some, speak some and can write some.
German: understand some, can read some, and can write
Spanish: understand some, can’t write or speak.


❖ Good knowledge of hardware and software.

❖ Excellent knowledge in various computer programmes used on ships.
❖ Good knowledge in Windows, Linux and all Ms Office packages (Word, Excel and PowerPoint, OneNote, Picture Manager).
❖ Good knowledge in many mail programmes, Cloud services, (such as Google drive, Skydrive and dropbox).
❖ Good knowledge in computer security.
❖ Basic knowledge in programming


❖ Graduated as top of the class, in all educations I have gone through.
❖ MENSA member
❖ I have been instructor for Kalmar Merchant Marine Academy’s Ship Simulator, a short period.
❖ Mentor at Linnaeus University, (Växjö University) for a while.
❖ I was “handpicked” person who Broström, (the company), choose to come to, and participate when they were building a new ship, and take it back to Europe.
❖ I am in process to achieve DP-Unlimited certification.
❖ I don’t take any kind of drugs and I never drink alcohol


I have quite a lot of past time interests but to name a few; I would say computers by making small “home-made” computer programs. Reading especially history books but also novels. I am quite inquisitive in nature and therefore also enjoy studying various subjects, particularly in my field. Apart from this I like playing chess and renovating or fixing things at home. I also enjoy outdoor activities such as, fishing, walking in the nature and travelling.


References will be given upon request


Master Mariner Unlimited 2010-20979 2010-12-16 2015-12-16
Recognition Certificate (Denmark) 2011/0126 2011-11-01 2015-12-16
General Operator in GMDSS, (GOC) 2010-20978 2010-12-16 2015-12-16
BTM & BRM 06-157/12 2012-10-19 Unlimited
ECDIS 00321 2010-11-26 Unlimited
ECDIS - Navisailor4000 2011-06-26 Unlimited
ECDIS - SAM Electronic Chartpilot 2013-02-12 Unlimited
Basic Fire Fighting FF2/SBK219/10 2010-11-30 2015-11-30
Advanced Fire Fighting 2002-10-03 Unlimited
Ship Handling Simulator Training 05-043/12 2012-10-26 Unlimited
Handling of Chemichal in bulk on Chemichal Tankers, (advanced) 2010-20978 2010-12-16 2015-12-16
Handling of Oil in bulk on Oil Tankers, (advanced) 2010-20977 2010-12-16 2015-12-16
Ship Security Officer SSO/OB/2004/6589 2004-05-01 Unlimited
Shipboard Security, (SSO) 2112-03-23 Unlimited
ARPA A/K110/10 2010-10-15 Incl. In Master's License
Safety Officer Training 2012-03-25 Unlimited
TOPS for Chief Officer's 2012-05-30 Unlimited
Advanced Medical Incl. In Master's license 2010-12-16 2015-12-16
Heart and lung rescue and AED 2010-10-20 Unlimited
Navigating in Ice 2012-03-24 Unlimited
Investigation Analysis & Reporting 2012-05-22 Unlimited
ISO 14001 Environmental Management Course 2012-03-12 Unlimited
Environmental Officer Training Course 2012-01-10 Unlimited
Environmental Management & Compliance 2013-02-05 Unlimited
DP-basic 55/13 2013-10-04 2018-10-04
Health Certificate Danish and Swedish 2012-02-14 2014-02-14
Yellow Fever 2012-02-13 2022-02-13
Seaman's Discharge Book 00087484 2012-12-12 2022-12-12
Passport (with U.S. Visit and WORK Permit) 85484844 2012-02-13 2022-02-13

N. B. In a Swedish Master Mariner License is many other certificates and licenses included,
(i. e. IMO 80, AIS), to name just a couple of certificates that are mandatory, to obtain a
Swedish Master Mariner's License. If something is unclear - Please contact me,
or the Swedish Maritime Administration, and/or the Danish Maritime Administration.

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